Here at In Your Eyes you’ll find a group of people who have lived and breathed punk-rock and all of its sub-genres from the very early stages.

We have decided to found our agency after more than 20 years of experience in the music field, experience that has fully been channeled into our magazine In Your Eyes Zine, iyezine.com (which, since 2022, is also available in the English version).

We’re now working with a series of labels and bands who we feel today are at the forefront of intelligent indie-punk, emo and hardcore. Baring in mind that every single collaboration that we decide to initiate is backgrounded by a natural strong belief in artists and their acts, beyond musical genres and tags.

We are a non-profit agency, all that we raise goes to improve our official website in a fully DIY mindset. Often our prices are way lower than other PR agencies, because we are fully aware that small labels (which are the ones we actually like the most) have limited budget caps for promotion. But we want to help them to get known in the Italian underground scene.

Over this two decades, we have networked with more than 1500 hot spots, such as journalists, web radios, webzines, printed magazines and more.

We believe in what we do and believe in what we offer. We are not driven by business, we are driven by music.

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