KD Mukasa & Francesca

KD Mukasa & Francesca
1 Aprile 2021
KD Mukasa & Francesca
Number of discs: 1

When two artistically complementary souls meet, creativity explodes.

“Fairy-Tales in Perugia” EP by the duo KD Mukasa&Francesca. A delicious melting pot of freestyle jazz and rap sounds with a touch of glamorous pop, seasoned with a touch of romantic piano and fairy-tale sounds, anticipated by the single “Spotlight”, streamed on all digital platforms: you can find Spotify here and Apple Music here.

The duo meet in London, and is formed by Francesca, an italian, who chooses the metropolis for her arts, actress and model, arts that permeate through her heavenly charm in the video of their first single, already available on YouTube


The second member of the magic duo is KD Mukasa, a British national who has a hip hop background with a warm and intense RnB voice, already present on the stage with solo projects that have seen the light, recently, in the last few months. We therefore know how capable he is of fusing hip hop and in particular the art of freestyle, with much more vibrant evocations of the most famous street soul that distinguishes him: let us not let ourselves be betrayed by this aspect, but rather let us go to the freshness of the melodies.

Perugia is their muse, which in addition to being the city where Francesca has spent most of her life, is a place of great cultural richness, which reveals itself fully and gives its jazz spirit.

The heterogeneous becomes homogeneous, in this concept EP consisting of three chapters, which act as the soundtrack to an imaginary short film.

In the EP there is soul and style, as well as sensuality, and it is absolutely free to download, by subscribing to the mailing list, through their website. The aim is to vercome the connection between artist and fan base via social media, creating a more intimate connection via email (which is actually the universally shared media!).

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“Spotlight is a hot song, with a hot, sexy, romantic clip, that brings a pleasant atmosphere to the environment in which it is played, an authentic voice, full of talent that sings the verses in an immersive way and takes us to another female voice so beautiful and as engaging as the first, a duet with a lot of synchronism and synergy, we love to know this song. In summary, a mixture of genres that surprises and is very innovative.” – IndieClock

“Spotlight is a pop-urban song with jazz-hop notes and touches of soul, even R&B. The vocal interpretation overflowing with sensuality, both feminine and masculine, skillfully depicts a courting session with glee. The beauty of women is honored on the seductive music video that accompanies this track perfectly.
Boulimique de Musique, Culture Webzine, Montreal


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