10 Novembre 2022
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The Beatersband from Italy was formed in September 2018. The band members are: Donatella Guida (Firenze) Lead Vocals / Guitar, Leonardo Serrini (Livorno) Bass, and Caio Nipi (Empoli) Drums. The band has as it’s goal the modernization of vocal music of the 50’s and 60’s. They do this by giving the songs new life with a Punk Rock sound while maintaining their classic soul.

In April 2019, their first album “Vol Uno” was released. In October of the same year, an EP of 4 songs was released as “Black Christmas” and in January 2020 a vinyl 7 inch 45 record was released entitled “Love Songs”.In September of 2020 the band published ” Vol Due “another collection of songs with that vintage flavor. June 2021 an unreleased album of 2 original songs is released “Love I Can B W You and My Mother Plays Rocknroll”.

On November 3, 2021 the 7-inch LOVE I CAN B W YOU limited edition was released, 100 black and 100 white.On December 21st a collection of 15 tracks on Cassette is released for the first time, entitled “UN TUFFO NEL PASSATO” produced by the American label “Smelly Rick Records”. On February 15, 2022 “Medley” a collection of 7 songs not yet released on CD is released, on June 21 still with the label “Smelly Rick Records” the vinyl and CD of “UN TUFFO NEL PASSATO” will be released.


On November 15th the new Album entitled “VOL.TRE” was released, available in limited edition in digital format and CD accompanied by the first Official Video of the song “When You Walk In The Room” In January 2023 the version of “VOL.TRE” is released in 10″ Vinyl format with the addition of a bonus track, in April the Smelly Rick Records label releases the version of “UN TUFFO NEL PASSATO” in Picture Disc. Currently The Beatersband are broadcast abroad in many web radios and FM, including Siriux XM (USA), WFMU (USA), Remember Than Radio (USA), Mikerogersshow (Japan), Radio lux (France / Spain / Italy )The Flash (UK) and many more.

The Beatesband are back with the formula that characterizes their musical production, that of going fishing in the tradition of American rock’n roll of the 50s and 60s and re-proposing the songs in a punk rock key.

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