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This is the starting point to any great promotional campaign. We’ve got extensive contacts in the media at major newspapers and magazines.
Writing the press release & Bio
Every artist should have a solid artist Biography that will paint the right picture for fans and followers. It’s an important piece to have when conducting business.
Send Press Release to hundreds of profiled emails
We have more then 1400 contacts with blog, webzine, radio and printed magazine. All profiled by email.
Logo & Brand Design is one of the most important things you will need to build a reputable brand. Once you have your logo design, you can trademark it and make sure you own your artist name fully!


We’re pleased to announce that we now offer a web design service for bands, musicians and singer-songwriters. This is in partnership with Tatoosa Creative. All sites are built from a musician’s perspective, and with a band’s needs in mind, are responsive, meaning they’ll display nicely on desktop, mobile or tablet devices.
Seo for your website
When we talk about SEO positioning, we refer to a strategic activity that allows to increase the qualified traffic coming from the search engines. It aims to increase the number of visitors through better positioning in the search engine results, using the most effective keywords to describe the content of your site. We do all this through the combination of on-page and off-page content (such as link-building).
Copywriting for web
Your musician bio, which we call a signature story here at IYE PR, is one of the most important aspects of your brand. Today, more than ever before, having a compelling story may be the thing that attracts a potential fan to you . Facebook marketing Instagram marketing
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